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Meet Our Staff

Mike and Cheri Tillman

Mike and Cheri are the owner/operators of Pro Cyclery.  Mike was an avid road biker - he got his first road bike primarily to improve his health and, after huffing and puffing through his first 10 mile ride was hooked.  He's not riding as much now, but loves the sport and supporting all our customers.

Cheri claims to be the best SAG around.  Her claim to fame is hauling six kids and a pop-up camper from town to town as Mike completed the Bike Ride Across Nebraska.  She will tell you she's not a great rider, but loves the smile that riding puts on her face.

If there were a definition for Mom and Pop Shop in the dictionary, Mike and Cheri's photo would be there as they are the Mom and Pop of seven kids and extremely proud grandparents of two.

Lelani Gonzalez

Lelani is Pro Cyclery's shop manager.  If you have a question about a bike, an accessory, a price, a sock, a helmet, an order date, a shipping price, a bike route, or where to find the best sandwich for lunch, Lelani knows the answer.  She can tell you anything you need to know about your bike or a bike you are interested in purchasing. Lelani is an avid cyclist, riding both road and mountain, who is always seeking to develop the women’s cycling community. She leads rides, gives informational clinics, and acts as a go-to resource for cycling related information. "Like" Pro Cyclery's Liv to Ride Facebook page to keep up to date on group rides and/or clinics. In Lelani's off time, she rides, takes care of her family and shepherds her two teenage sons. 

Jayme Ray

Jayme is our service shop manager.  He says he likes bikes and that's all you need to know.  He started working in bike shops at age 12 and began racing mountain bikes competitively at age 16.  He has worked as a bike mechanic for several years and has experience in retail management.  He represents Pro Cyclery at local cycling events - look for him under the Pro Cyclery tent at many charity and competitive rides. Jayme rides road, mountain and gravel and will be happy to get your bike in great working condition or help you find the new bike of your dreams.

David Tillman

David is an avid road cyclist, - usually riding 200+ miles per week.  He also mountain bikes and enjoys riding gravel, discovering new trails and getting off the road. David is a triathlete and co-captains the Pro Cyclery tri team, Aces & Eights.  He is also a college student working towards his second bachelor's degree - this time in civil engineering.  David works on the retail side and will work with you to find the right bike for your sport and your budget. 

Roxana Armijos-Welser

Roxy is an avid cyclist - both mountain and road.  She has worked in cycling retail for several years and currently controls inventory and does sales for Pro Cyclery.  She has assisted with planning and working many tri and endurance distance events and knows how to help you get into your wet suit!  Roxy rides with her husband, Kyle - the MacGyver of bicycles - and their little girl.  Come in and let Roxy help you find the perfect bike for your cycling needs.

Ron Loomis

A.K.A.  Dr. Ron, because there's no bike he can't fix.  Ron has more than 30 years experience building and repairing bicycles and is one of only four master wheel builders in the Valley.  Ron rides mountain and road bicycles and motorcycles - if it's on two wheels, Ron will ride it.  In fact, Ron has never in his life owned an automobile.

David Dasta

David works as a mechanic for Pro Cyclery when he has time off from his full-time job.  David races both mountain and BMX bikes and has raced for KHS since 2000.  He currently races in the 40 and Over Expert class.  He also helps kids learning to ride BMX at the local track. He has been associated with Pro Cyclery since 1999 and, though he's not an official employee, he is a big part of the Pro Cyclery family.

Nico Cerna

Nico is a mechanic and avid mountain and cross country biker/racer.  He is experienced in coaching cross country biking.  He has helped organize rides and races for Sea Otter and is two-time winner of the Sea Otter cross country race.

Adam Helzer

Adam is a long-time Las Vegas bike mechanic and mountain biker.  He will be glad to talk to you about your bike's needs and suggest upgrades to your ride.  Adam is a supporter of wounded veterans riding bikes through Project Hero and experienced working with recumbent bikes.

Shirley Maddox

Shirley is a Pro Cyclery ambassador leading our Saturday morning B-group road ride.  She also works part-time on the sales floor, utilizing her experience and knowledge working in bike shops.  Shirley is an advocate for women's cycling.

Randy Paar

Randy Paar joined us in 2017.  He has been part of the Las Vegas cycling community for many years both as an athlete and as a cycling retail employee after working as a Las Vegas Metro police officer. Randy is a triathlete and a USAT certified coach.  He serves as co-captain of the Pro Cyclery triathlon team, Aces & Eights. Randy is happy to help you find the right bike and answer any questions you have about triathlon or cycling in general.


Penny is Pro Cyclery's official greeter, but her title is Chief Dog Operations Officer. Penny is a Golden Doodle and, although she barks pretty loudly, is afraid of almost everything and is very friendly. Penny gets phone calls at the shop (yes, customers want to be sure she's here before they come in) and gets Christmas and birthday presents from our customers.  If we had a dollar for every customer who wanted to take Penny home, we wouldn't have to sell bikes anymore.  Come in and say hi to Penny.