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Bike Fitting

You can have the perfect bicycle and the best equipment, but if your bike does not fit you correctly it will affect your comfort and performance. 

Each customer who purchases a bike from Pro Cyclery is provided with a custom fit from our trained, experienced staff. The fitting takes into account your unique flexibility, technique, bio mechanics, and skeletal alignment allowing for a comfortable and consistent fit. We don't fit you based on a machine's recommendations. We actually listen to you and make adjustments taking into account any physical problems you have, how you prefer to ride and any problems you have had with positioning in the past. Our fit is guaranteed for 30 days if you have an issue that needs tweaking.

If you purchased a previously owned bike, or one that was given to you by a friend or family member, a fitting is the best thing you can do for yourself.  A change of even a quarter inch can make a huge difference in your safety and comfort, making the ride that much more fun!

Pro Cyclery provides a professional fitting at no cost when you purchase a bicycle. 

Fittings and positioning are also provided for a fee if you purchased your bicycle elsewhere.